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Rectangular Tables
The standard layout table is 50" x 70" x 6" in us equivalents and 1,200 mm x 1,800mm x 150mm in the metric table.  US table slot centers are 10" - Metric table Slot centers are 200mm.  All tables are designed to bolt to each other to for larger working surfaces.  Each has four leveling screws accessible through the top of the table.
The leg stands for each table is a four-posted weldment of which the table can be bolted.  Approximate table height when mounted on its stand is 30".

Rotary Tables
For companies with smaller parts or with odd angles a 30" rotary table and 25" multi axis plate is recommended.
the rotary table is keyed to fit onto the top of the layout table.  It has eight positive shot pin locations every 45 degrees and a 5 min. vernier and locking screw for in - between angles.  The 25" multi-axis plate has a four jaw chuck screw adjustment for part centering and comes with three jack screws for part leveling.

Accessories used on Cross arm

Circular Scriber Assembly

The Circular Scriber Assembly consists of 360 degree body with 15 minute vernier, a graduated radius arm and dividing arm.  Used mainly for scribing or checking bolt circles.  Can be positioned from "0" radius and extend out to scribe a 9" radius circle.  By exchanging radius arm with the dividing arm and rotating the body, the circle can be divided into the desired degrees and minutes.  (Also available in metric).

Revolving Edge Probe

Used to pick up edges or datum surfaces.  With the proves shaft ground to centers and rotatable, there is no need to add or subtract probe diameters.

Fixed Transfer Probe

The fixed transfer probe can be used to transfer points when used with the revolving edge probe or to locate small holes.

Auto Center Punch

This is a spring loaded, pressure fired center punch mounted in a holder body.

Cone Probe Attachment

A set of four tapered cones with an adapter.  Used to position the machine in the center of holes 1/8"  to 1- 1/16"  diameter.  (Larger sizes available).

Right Angle Block

Used with the above accessories to mount them in 90 degree positions to operate over, under, right and left of a part.

Split Scriber Assembly

Used in combination scriber's yoke to pick up a part's sides or datum lines.  It Scribes additional lines without the need to add or subtract scriber point diameters.

Additional Scribing Tools
A.) Short Fishtail Scriber
Offset Scriber
Short End Scriber
Rotating Fishtail Scriber
Rotating Scriber
For use in combination scriber head.
  (A set of five comes with each machine.)  Can be purchased as a set or individually.

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